2016 International WFTDA Championships (NON-U.S. ONLY)

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November 4-6, 2016

Hosted by Rose City Rollers

Watch the top teams in the world compete for women’s flat track roller derby’s highest honor in the 2016 International WFTDA Championships in Portland, Oregon, USA. Visit wftda.com/championships for complete tournament info.


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9:00 AM Doors open to the public
10:00 AM D2 Game 1: Brandywine Roller Derby 205 v Charlottesville Derby Dames 200
12:00 PM D2 Game 2: Calgary Roller Derby Association 183 v Blue Ridge Rollergirls 225
2:00 PM Game 1: Denver Roller Derby 165 v Arch Rival Roller Derby 177
4:00 PM Game 2: Angel City Derby Girls 217 v Montréal Roller Derby 116
6:00 PM Game 3: Minnesota RollerGirls 158 v Jacksonville RollerGirls 207
8:00 PM Game 4: Texas Rollergirls 238 v Rat City Rollergirls 50


9:00 AM Doors open to the public
10:00 AM Game 5: London Rollergirls 197 v Arch Rival Roller Derby 94
12:00 PM Game 6: Gotham Girls Roller Derby 197 v Angel City Derby Girls 168
2:00 PM Game 7: Victorian Roller Derby League 231 v Jacksonville RollerGirls 98
4:00 PM Game 8: Rose City Rollers 186 v Texas Rollergirls 172
6:30 PM Game 9: London Rollergirls v Gotham Girls Roller Derby
8:30 PM Game 10: Victorian Roller Derby League v Rose City Rollers


9:00 AM Doors open to the public
12:00 PM D2 Game 3: Charlottesville Derby Dames 197 v Calgary Roller Derby Association 252 (D2 3rd Place)
2:00 PM D2 Game 4: Brandywine Roller Derby 188 v Blue Ridge Rollergirls 257 (D2 1st Place)
4:00 PM Game 11: London Rollergirls v Victorian Roller Derby League (D1 3rd Place)
6:00 PM Game 12: Gotham Girls Roller Derby v Rose City Rollers (D1 1st Place)
7:30 PM Medals Ceremony


Download the Championships Brackets.



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