2019 JRDA Championships are here!

The Junior Roller Derby Championships are streaming live now on Twitch! The 2019 Junior Roller Derby Association Championships begin today, Friday, July 26, on Twitch.tv/WFTDA and simul-streaming live on WFTDA.tv. You’re already in the right place to watch every game.

On WFTDA.tv, we’ve talked about the importance of watching roller derby, and how to analyze what you see. We have also hosted screenings of past games via Twitch. You know how this works. But did you know that we have live JRDA Championship derby to watch stating RIGHT NOW?

Did we mention it’s free?

Tune in, enjoy, take notes, cheer on. Be a fan of the sport, and its present and future. It’s all here on WFTDA.tv this weekend, live from Loveland, Colorado, starting Friday at 9:00am Mountain Time/11:00am Eastern/3:00pm GMT.

2019 JRDA Championships by the Numbers

  • 2: Divisions with Championship brackets
  • 20: Teams skating
  • 10: Teams in each Division
  • 2: Tracks in play simultaneously until the two Championship games
  • 64: JRDA Championship tournament appearances among the 20 teams
  • 8: JRDA Championship reigns among the teams at this year’s event
  • 5: Teams making their JRDA Championships debut
  • 333: Charter slots filled among all 20 teams
  • 58: Championship-chartered skaters “aging out” of the JRDA after this weekend
  • 23,689: Total driving miles between each team’s hometown and the venue
  • 3: Days of competition
  • 0: Price to watch all the games on Twitch.tv/WFTDA and here on WFTDA.tv

Ones and Zeroes (and more) of Friday’s Games

Female Division Seeding
  • #1. Santa Cruz Derby Groms (Santa Cruz, California)

    The Gromshells are the reigning Female Division title holders, with a sanctioned record of 6-0 this season. Three wins were over Rose City, FOCO, and Seattle. They will meet the winner of Kalamazoo vs. Queen City at 7:00pm Mountain Time on Track 1.

  • #2. Jacksonville Junior Roller Derby (Jacksonville, Florida)

    The Duval All-Stars are 6-1 this season. Their single loss was to Los Anarchists. Three weeks later, they defeated the same team to earn a season split. Duval faces the winner of FOCO vs. Rocky Mountain at 7:00pm MT on Track 2.

  • #3. Los Anarchists Junior Derby (Los Angeles, California)

    Los Anarchists are 12-1 this season, including eight wins over six other tournament-bound teams. Their single loss was to Jacksonville.

  • #4. Seattle Derby Brats (Seattle, Washington)

    The Galaxy Girls are 5-3 this season, with all eight games played against teams joining them in the Female Division bracket this weekend.

  • #5. Rose City Rollers Juniors (Portland, Oregon)

    The Rosebuds enter Champs 4-5 this season. Rose City plays Seattle at 3:00pm MT on Track 1. These teams met twice in 2019, with Seattle winning both games.

  • #6. Pile O’Bones Junior Derby (Regina, Saskatchewan)

    The Miss Demeanors makes their JRDA Championships debut at 4-5 this season, splitting wins with Rose City earlier in the year. The Miss Demeanors will face Los Anarchists at 3:00pm MT on Track 2. Los Anarchists won their only meeting in the 2019 season.

  • #7. FOCO Junior Roller Derby (Fort Collins, Colorado)

    The Spartans are 3-6 this season, against a very challenging schedule. Eight of their nine games were against Championships-bound teams.

  • #8. Kalamazoo Killer Beez Junior Roller Derby (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

    The Beez enter 8-2 this season and are making their first appearance in the tournament. Their last regular season game was a win against Rocky Mountain.

  • #9. Queen City Junior Roller Girls (Buffalo, New York)

    Queen City enters 6-2, and is also competing at JRDA Championships for the first time. They will play against Kalamazoo at 11:00am MT on Track 1. Kalamazoo leads all-time 1-0, but these teams have not met during 2019.

  • #10. Rocky Mountain Rollerpunks (Denver, Colorado)

    The Might Club is 4-5 this season. Four of their losses were to Jacksonville, Los Anarchists, and Kalamazoo. They will take the track against the FOCO Spartans at 11:00am MT on Track 2. These teams have not played each other in the 2019 season, but FOCO holds a 1-0 lead all-time.

Open Division Seeding
  • #1. Diamond City Minors (Bakersfield, California)

    DCM enters a perfect 12-0 this season and enters the tournament with a chance to win an unprecedented third Open Division title in a row. Half of the wins were against fellow tournament teams — three over The Attack Pack. Their first game will be played at 5:00pm MT on Track 1, against the winner of Raleigh vs. Cherry Bomb Brawlers.

  • #2. Philly Roller Derby Juniors (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

    Philly’s record is 8-2 this season, with nine games against teams in the Open Division bracket. Their first game is 5:00pm MT on Track 2, against the winner of Capital City vs. Sioux Falls.

  • #3. Tampa Bay Junior Roller Derby (Tampa, Florida)

    Tampa enters 6-2, with their only two losses coming the #1 and #2 seeds. Tampa has five victories over teams in this year’s Open Division field.

  • #4. The Attack Pack (St. Petersburg, Florida)

    TAP enters 4-4, with wins over Raleigh and Capital City.

  • #5. Des Moines Derby Brats (Des Moines, Iowa)

    The DMDB All Stars are 6-1, losing only to Philly. They will play The Attack Pack at 1:00pm MT on Track 1.

  • #6. Mob City Junior Roller Derby (Everett, Washington)

    The Mob City Misfits enter 5-0, including a win over the Cherry Bomb Brawlers (a 4-0 all-time record). They will meet Tampa for the first time ever at 1:00pm MT on Track 2.

  • #7. Capital City Derby (Columbia, South Carolina)

    Cap City is 6-3, qualifying for JRDA Championships in their inaugural season this year. They will play Sioux Falls at 9:00am MT on Track 2.

  • #8. Raleigh Junior Rollers (Raleigh, North Carolina)

    The Raleigh Junior Rollers All-Stars enter 6-5 and are also making their first Championships appearance. The five losses were to other Open Division tournament teams.

  • #9. Cherry Bomb Brawlers (Spokane, Washington)

    The Brawlers are 4-5, with three losses this season to other Champs division teams. They meet Raleigh for the first time ever at 9:00am MT on Track 1.

  • #10. Sioux Falls Junior Roller Derby (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)

    The SoDak Attack enters the tournament with more games played than any other Open Division tournament team, finishing 8-5 and qualifying for the event for the first time in team history. Three of their losses were to other teams in the bracket.

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