I’m new to roller derby. What’s going on?

This video provides a basic overview of how flat track roller derby is played. If the amazing wftda.tv coverage inspires you to learn about the game in more depth, read the full rules or check out a live game at a league near you.

Where can I find help with Account & Streaming Issues?

Common problems related to video and audio streaming are addressed in the Streaming FAQ: http://support.wftda.tv/solution/categories/36322/folders/58586
For all wftda.tv questions and issues follow the Support link at the top of any page or visit support.wftda.tv

What is wftda.tv?

wftda.tv is a collaboration between the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA), its member leagues, and Blaze Streaming Media to offer live coverage of this fast-paced, flat track sport. wftda.tv is an online broadcast channel featuring WFTDA-sanctioned games, including every minute of the Playoffs and Championships. It features monthly match-ups of WFTDA contenders and houses a free library of archived footage.

What is wftda.tv’s Mission?

wftda.tv plans to present high-quality productions of exciting WFTDA match-ups, encouraging new viewers to join us in our derby addiction, and to reinforce the love of the game for all viewers. Proceeds from wftda.tv are reinvested into the membership’s programming and will help strengthen our common goals. wftda.tv represents our commitment to our member leagues, their skaters and support staff, and all who enjoy the sport.

Why wftda.tv? Why Now?

WFTDA game play represents the premiere incarnation of the sport in the world, and wftda.tv will give fans an equivalent venue to follow flat-track action. We believe that the sport deserves to be broadcast professionally, with consistent standards and parameters. By generating this product in-house, we retain control over the image and assets so they can be distributed in a way that respects the skaters and positively promotes roller derby at every level. The WFTDA is “for the skaters, by the skaters,” and this endeavor reflects that mission.

How is wftda.tv funded?

The wftda.tv represents a significant financial commitment by the WFTDA, and we look to support from our viewers to help offset the costs of this high-quality production. Early season coverage is broadcast free of charge. Our live coverage of the first ever Division 2 Playoffs will be supported by viewer donations, and Division 1 Playoffs and WFTDA Championships will be pay-per-view.

Coupled with sponsorship funds, wftda.tv aims to recoup its investment with affordable pay-per-view streaming. Profits are dedicated to maintaining the wftda.tv website and reinvestment in additional WFTDA projects and programming.

How much will bouts cost to watch?

Preseason bouts, including ECDX and WFTDA Member League-produced broadcasts (“WFTDA Presents”) are provided free of charge.

The live broadcasts of the WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs and Championships will be available through pay-per-view and the Division 2 Playoffs will be supported by viewer donations. Passes to watch D1 Playoffs are only $12 per weekend, and Championships is $20. Or, get them all for just $50! During the D2 Playoffs, you can show your love for the amazing skaters, support staff, and officials by paying what you can for your wftda.tv experience. Whether it’s 50 cents or $15, every bit you’re able to contribute will help us bring you great coverage of these hard-hitting matchups! wftda.tv will also offer free audio podcasts for all pay-per-view bouts and free on-demand archives following the events.

Where can I find archived bouts?

wftda.tv will offer free archives of its productions following the events. Free archives will also be available on-demand after each WFTDA Playoffs and Championships weekend. Throughout the season, viewers will be able to locate all of our great content in one convenient location – wftda.tv!

What’s the process for getting a WFTDA league-created bout production broadcast on wftda.tv?

wftda.tv is looking to include league-produced content on the site, and to offer leagues additional exposure and promotion for the hard work and exceptional production. The site offers the convenience of one location for all WFTDA content. If your league is currently producing video broadcasts we would love to talk to you about working with wftda.tv. Please email us for more information.

How do I contact wftda.tv?

All inquiries for wftda.tv may be directed to Erica Vanstone, Head of Broadcast Operations for the WFTDA at broadcast@wftda.com.