About Us

Women’s Flat Track Derby Association

Around since 2005, WFTDA has become the epicenter of competitive roller derby around the world, featuring the most competitive, most loved teams in the sport. It’s our mission to promote the sport and foster its continued growth and visibility to the public, as well as develop our teams and officials by making high-quality game footage available.

At the same time, our “by the skaters, for the skaters” philosophy mandates that we maintain control of our assets and image. We believe that by building a high-quality standard for broadcast of our sport, we set the groundwork for better, greater exposure of the sport when it is picked up by mainstream media networks.

Head of Broadcast for the WFTDA is Erica Vanstone, aka Double H. For questions and inquiries about wftda.tv, please contact her at broadcast@wftda.com.

Blaze Steaming Media

Blaze Streaming Media is the brainchild of Joe Christensen, who has provided clients with exceptional service in the area of professional, live-event broadcasting and online community engagement for several years. His background in Information Technology, along with his unique combination of creative skills and technological expertise, allows him to produce top-notch event media coverage.

Joe understands the need for event planners to reach out and engage the ever-expanding online audience. As a derby fan for more than five years, Christensen is thrilled to put his passion for streaming broadcast to work for his number one addiction: women’s flat track roller derby.

Association of Flat Track Derby Announcers

The purpose of the Association of Flat Track Derby Announcers (AFTDA) is to enhance the sport of roller derby by providing individuals who can contribute insightful, entertaining and pertinent commentary for roller derby events. The AFTDA has developed announcer certification standards for all involved in on-air calls, and the WFTDA looks forward to working with the organization to help set the standard for women’s flat track broadcasts.


Since 2011, the WFTDA has enjoyed an exciting relationship with Rinxter, run by Gotham Girls Roller Derby’s Elliot Napakh. Rinxter offers instant skater stats technology, and gives skaters and fans an enhanced experience of the sport. Announcer-read stats, and eventually integrated Rinxter graphics, will all be part of the wftda.tv fan experience this season.