If you have already have a monthly subscription to our Twitch channel, thank you! You already have access to archives on Twitch. This is the absolute best value to watch all archives. Subscribing to the WFTDA’s Twitch channel grants you access to watch all available on demand content including all tournaments and prior shows on the channel.

Tournament archives will be released on the Wednesday after the tournament, immediately following Watch Party Wednesday. You can find the archives under “Videos” above the video player screen, and links to the video collections for each tournament will be available on the WFTDA.tv Archives page.

How to Subscribe to the WFTDA Twitch Channel

Twitch subscriptions start at just $4.99 per month, or you can use your Amazon Prime account to redeem one free Twitch channel subscription.

  1. Go to Twitch.tv/wftda
  2. Click ‘Subscribe” in the upper right corner above the video player
    click subscribe
  3. A pop up will appear
    • Select the Tier you would like for your subscription.
    • Click “Subscribe” by the Tier you are selecting and continue on with your purchase information.
    • Note that the subscription will be auto-renewed each month. You may cancel at any time by selecting “Do Not Renew” on your subscriptions page.

WFTDA Twitch Tiers

Tier 1 – $4.99 per Month


  • Ad-free viewing on WFTDA’s channel (with limited exceptions).
  • Chat during Subscriber-Only Mode and not affected by chat slow mode.
  • Watch and chat during Subscriber Streams.
  • Instantly unlock your first Sub Badge and show your support.
  • Access to VODs
  • Subscriber Badges:
  • 11 Subscriber Emotes:

Tier 2 – $9.99 per Month


  • All Tier 1 Benefits plus 1 Exclusive Emote:

Tier 3 – $24.99 per Month


  • All Tier 1 Benefits plus 2 Exclusive Emotes:

Amazon Prime = Free Subscription on Twitch.TV

If you’re an Amazon Prime user, you have access to 1 free subscription per month which you can use to subscribe to WFTDA’s channel!

How to Activate Your Twitch Prime Subscription:

  • If you haven’t already, create a Twitch account and link it to your Amazon account.
  • Then visit twitch.tv/wftda, click the Subscribe button, and choose the “Twitch Prime
  • Subscription” option.

Note that your Amazon Prime Twitch Subscription is only valid for Tier 1.




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