Want to create brackets, but don’t know how?

Follow this step by step guide to playing the WFTDA Bracket Bonzanza.

Step 1. Register or Login
Registration: You need an account with WFTDA.tv to play. If you are a new visitor you can register here. After you register you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. Click the activation link in the email. You will be redirected to a page that says “Activation Successful” with your email and password.

Log in: Once you have activated your account you can login here.

Step 2. Choose a game
There are several tournaments you can create brackets for. You can create a bracket for each one and earn points.

Step 3. Fill out your bracket
For each tournament there is a championship bracket (Games 1-6,9,10,17) and several consolation brackets (Games 7,8,11-16).

You must fill out the championship bracket before filling out the consolation brackets. Results of your selections in the upper brackets will determine what choices are available for the lower brackets.



Once you are done making your choices click “Submit.” If you make a mistake or want to change a selection, click the RESET BRACKETS button and start over to avoid errors.

You can change your selections any time up until the day before the start date of each tournament. Once the tournament starts your bracket selections will be locked and cannot be changed.

Step 4. Viewing results

As the bouts are played and results are posted you can check back and see how many points you’ve earned.

Read the complete rules and regulations


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