Welcome to the WFTDA.tv Live Stream Distribution Application. This program allows WFTDA member leagues and independent producers to create their own content and distribute it live through WFTDA.tv.

Please read through the information below on event criteria, technical criteria, advertising and sponsorship ads on your broadcast, as well as WFTDA marketing support of your broadcast through WFTDA.tv. For feedback on submissions or questions, please contact the Head of Broadcast Operations at broadcast@wftda.com.

Event Criteria

Priority will be given to events that:

  1. Provide compelling game play
  2. Cover WFTDA sanctioned games (or an event affiliated with a WFTDA league)
  3. Meet all the technical criteria below

Live productions must meet the following technical criteria:

  • Live, streamed productions must be produced with the following minimum standards:
    • Broadcast at minimum 1280×720 resolution at 25fps & 1.5Mbps, audio bitrate 128 kbps or better (or stream platform suggested)
    • Include a functioning score overlay
    • Utilize dedicated broadcast announcers with an audio feed that is separate from the venue PA system (house announcers)
  • Must be responsible for all rights and clearances for copyrighted materials including music, imagery, participants, and audience
  • Content must be free and not include a pay-per-view option
  • You must have a proven track record of broadcast quality. Samples must be provided of previous high-quality streamed productions following submission

WFTDA.tv reserves the right to select or deny any application for broadcasts, specific to a particular case, should it be necessary for the purpose of WFTDA’s mission, to promote and foster the sport of women’s flat track roller derby.

Advertising/Sponsorship on Broadcasts

Content may contain advertisements and mentions from your sponsors and business partners, as long as they meet the minimum production standards requirement for broadcast. Be aware of your local laws and streaming platform’s rules and restrictions around advertising in broadcasts.

Marketing and Support

The WFTDA will provide the following marketing support based on your application date and air date:

  • Event posts on WFTDA.tv and other WFTDA websites
  • Social Media promotion
  • Remote Studio support

Host leagues and participants are also expected to promote their broadcast on WFTDA.tv on social media.

For consideration, please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible. Deadlines for all applications are rolling, with priority given to those who submit at least four weeks out from their production date.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a live event stream to air on WFTDA.tv!


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