WFTDA Broadcast provides the opportunity for leagues and independent producers to stream roller derby events on and receive promotion on WFTDA’s social media channels.

If you’re interested in receiving support from WFTDA Broadcast and our production partner, Quad Media, in producing your broadcast or streaming through the Remote Studio, please visit for more information and application forms.

To learn more about how to stream your league- or independently-produced broadcast on and receive promotion from WFTDA, read the event criteria and marketing support information below.

For feedback on submissions, questions, or other WFTDA Broadcast information, please contact us at

Event Criteria

Any roller derby event can be featured on, but priority will be given to events that:

  1. Provide compelling game play.
  2. Include WFTDA Member Leagues.
  3. Meet all the broadcast criteria below.

Broadcast Criteria

Broadcasts selected to be featured on must include the following:

  • A functioning score overlay.
  • Dedicated broadcast commentators with an audio feed that is separate from the venue PA system/house announcers.
  • Clearance for use of copyrighted materials (e.g. music and imagery), participants, and audience. reserves the right to select or deny any application for broadcasts, specific to a particular case, should it be necessary for the purpose of upholding WFTDA’s mission and values.

Advertising/Sponsorship on Broadcasts

Content may contain advertisements and mentions from your sponsors and business partners, as long as they meet the minimum production standards requirement for broadcast. Be aware of your local laws and streaming platform’s rules and restrictions around advertising in broadcasts.

WFTDA Marketing Support

The WFTDA will provide the following marketing support for broadcasts airing on (not guaranteed for event applications accepted less than 72 hours prior to air date):

  • Event posts on and other WFTDA websites, as applicable.
  • Promotion on WFTDA’s social media channels.
  • Remote Studio support via Quad Media, if approved (requires separate application available at

Host leagues and participants are strongly encouraged to share and engage with WFTDA’s promotions of their events to help us reach as many fans as possible.


For consideration, please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible. There is no deadline to apply, but we require at least 72 hours from the date an application is accepted in order to provide marketing support, and priority is  given to those who submit at least four weeks prior to their production date.

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