Throwback Throwdown: A Virtual Tournament

December 4-6, 2020

Join us for a weekend full of roller derby throwback games chosen with YOUR help!

Get in on the action by voting on some of your favorite games from WFTDA events of the 2011 – 2019 postseasons via our social media channels. We’ll be showing some old and new favorites, heartbreakers and nail biters, epic moments and epic showdowns.

Come and be a part of the only WFTDA event in 2020 – the Throwback Throwdown!

What you can expect:

  • Up to 18 games – some games nominated by you!
  • Live shows and snack challenges!
  • Surprise games!

Starting Friday, 4th December at 12:00pm ET (5:00pm UTC) on Twitch and!


Game Times are in Eastern Time (ET)
World Clock

Day 1 – Dec. 4

Game 1  12:00pm Game TBD
Game 2 2:00pm Game TBD
Game 3 4:00pm Game TBD
Game 4 6:00pm Game TBD
Game 5 8:00pm Game TBD
Game 6 10:00pm Game TBD

Day 2 – Dec. 5

Game 7  12:00pm Game TBD
Game 8 2:00pm Game TBD
Game 9 4:00pm Game TBD
Game 10 6:00pm Game TBD
Game 11 8:00pm Game TBD
Game 12 10:00pm Game TBD

Day 3 – Dec. 6

Game 13  12:00pm Game TBD
Game 14 2:00pm Game TBD
Game 15 4:00pm Game TBD
Game 16 6:00pm Game TBD
Game 17 8:00pm Game TBD
Game 18 10:00pm Game TBD

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