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JRDA World Cup

Join us July 23-24 for the Junior Roller Derby Association World Cup live from Philadelphia, PA.

Event Info

Competing Teams

Team Australia

Team Canada

Team Europe

Team Great Britain

Team USA East

Team USA West


(Eastern Daylight Time)

Monday, July 23rd

Pool Play; 30-minute games; each team plays every other team once; 15 total games

08:00 Opening Ceremonies
09:00 G1 USE vs CAN
09:48 G2 USW vs EUR
10:36 G3 TGB vs AUS
11:24 G4 USE vs EUR
12:12 G5 CAN vs USW
13:00 G6 USE vs AUS
13:48 G7 TGB vs EUR
14:36 G8 CAN vs AUS
15:24 G9 USW vs TGB
16:12 G10 CAN vs EUR
17:00 G11 USW vs AUS
17:48 G12 TGB vs USE
18:36 G13 AUS vs EUR
19:24 G14 CAN vs TGB
20:12 G15 USE vs USW

Tuesday, July 24th

Bracket Play; full 1-hour games; top two seeds get byes; 7 total games

8:00 G1 Seed 4 vs Seed 5
9:45 G2 Seed 3 vs Seed 6
11:30 G3 Seed 1 vs W-G1
13:15 G4 Seed 2 vs W-G2
15:00 G5 L-G1 vs L-G2 (5th / 6th)
16:45 G6 L-G3 vs L-G4 (3rd / 4th)
18:30 G7 W-G3 vs W-G4 (1st / 2nd)
20:15 Medal Ceremonies

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