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Cosmo Chaos

October 1-2, 2022

Vallejo, CA, USA
A WFTDA 2022 “Back on Track” Event

Watch Cosmo Chaos featuring California Derby Galaxy, Rose City Rollers, Denver Roller Derby, V-Town Roller Derby, and Coffee City Roller Derby. More Information

Broadcast live from Vallejo, California, USA by California Derby Galaxy via the Remote Studio.

Game Schedule
Saturday, October 1

10:00am CDG Novas C vs Coffee City
12:00pm Denver Mile High Club vs Rose City Wheels of Justice
2:00pm Coffee City vs Rose City Axles of Annihilation
4:00pm CDG Novas C vs Denver Bruising Altitude

Sunday, October 2

10:00am CDG Novas C vs Rose City Axles of Annihilation
12:00pm Coffee City vs Denver Bruising Altitude
2:00pm CDG Novas T vs V-Town Roller Derby
4:00pm Denver Mile High Club vs Rose City Axles of Annihilation

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