Greetings and thanks for your interest in WFTDAccess!

The WFTDA and Quad Media are setting up a community access Twitch channel to bring all of our unique talents and show ideas to online fans around the world! WFTDAccess is opening soon to bring the best of the derby community to the wider Twitch community. If you have a great idea, we’ve got a spot for you!

Content does not need to be roller derby-related, just something you think our roller derby community will enjoy. Got an off-skates workout routine? Standup comedy? Love teaching knitting? We’ve got a spot for you!

We welcome submissions of content that:

  • Is of any length
  • Is family-friendly
  • Adheres to our WFTDA Code of Conduct
  • Is pre-recorded (If you have a live concept, email us at to confirm feasibility)
  • Includes your social media handles (or your league’s, whichever you prefer to promote)
  • Is unique and fun!

Our broadcast specifications are flexible, although priority will be given to video content with clear audio and no copyrighted materials (music, imagery, logos, etc.). We ask that you film and upload your content to GDrive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, or a similar method of file storage and/or transfer.

We’ll help you find a schedule for your content and promote it!

Are you already streaming on Twitch? Send us your channel name and we’ll add you to our AutoHost list! We love making friends and sharing viewers on Twitch!

Email us at with questions or to submit your content.

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