2019 WFTDA.tv Archives are Moving to Twitch!

In 2019, WFTDA.tv has been working hard to create equitable systems which support those who have purchased a Watch Pass balanced with public exposure to our amazing sport.

This season, we have set the schedule in advance for live Twitch broadcasts, which push our sport to public audiences around the globe, and today we are releasing our 2019 archives plan.

In order to further activate our exposure on Twitch, WFTDA.tv broadcast archives for 2019 are moving to a regular release on our Twitch channel. For a $4.99/month subscription to the WFTDA’s Twitch Channel, you can access all the archives after the Watch Party Wednesday following the postseason event. Following the conclusion of the 2019 Postseason, archives will be released for free on WFTDA.tv.

The 2019 North America East Continental Cup starts Friday! Get your watch pass for only $15 for this event, or purchase the $90 Full Postseason Watch Pass to get every game from Cups, Playoffs, and Championships! All watch passes include access to VOD archives.

Accessing 2019 Archives

  • Archives can be accessed via the WFTDA.tv Guide page for any event you purchase a live Watch Pass for by logging into your Cleeng account.
  • Didn’t purchase a Watch Pass for the event?
    • Archives-only Watch Passes can be purchased through Cleeng for $5.00 per event on Tuesday following the live event.
    • You can also access archives every Wednesday following the event through Twitch by purchasing a Subscription to our Twitch Channel. A Tier 1 Subscription, which includes VOD archives, is only $4.99 per month and includes many perks! This is the absolute best deal to access the archives. Find out more about WFTDA Twitch Subscriptions here.
      • Viewers with Amazon Prime may use their free Twitch Prime subscription to access archives.
    • Find out more about using your Twitch Prime subscription here.
  • Archives will be released for free on the WFTDA YouTube channel and WFTDA.tv in December following the completion of the 2019 postseason.

Need more info? Check out our FAQ here.