The WFTDA Launches Rebrand of

The WFTDA Marketing, Tech, and Broadcast teams are proud to launch the rebranded today.

Developed alongside our contractors, Blase Design, the rebranded design matches the look and feel of while providing a unique and dynamic experience chock full of the great video content you have come to expect from

“The WFTDA’s Broadcast team has been working hard to create exciting pieces of content that are both educational and entertaining,” says the WFTDA’s Chief Media Officer, Erica Vanstone. “The new frames these projects in a sleek, modern site that is easy and fun to navigate, while providing a rich and immersive experience.”

The new, responsive, and mobile-friendly site has a clean, uncluttered design and improved functionality that makes the engaging content produced by our broadcast department more accessible than ever before. The guide highlights all upcoming broadcasts, while the new and improved archives section breaks down content by type and event. The streamlined navigation and focus on video content allows the users to easily interact with roller derby on any device — whether they are looking for promotional, archived or live content.

“We are excited about launching the next step of our public sites rebrand we started in early 2015,” says the WFTDA’s Director of Marketing, Jenna Cloughley. “The robust content integration of both and the new provides easy and beautiful platforms for our sport to tell our story to the world”.

As we complete the content migration and site improvements, users may find errors with the new We encourage all users to report these issues by filling out this form. watch passes, including the $80.00 USD Season Pass which includes all events from D2 through to Championships, can all be purchased here on the new